DOB: 04/22/21 (triplet)

Registered ADGA # PD2211536

Registered AGS # D-106293

Minis N Friends Penelope

Penelope is a black with minimal white swiss with blue eyes & moonspots

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about Penelope, it’s that she can occasionally sound a bit like a banshee.

📣 This girl’s BLEAT is ridikerous! 📣

If it’s your first time visiting the farm and you hear the goats start yelling, we’d bet money that you can pick her out of the bunch 🙂

Penelope is one of the Nigerian Dwarf goats at Penner Mini Farms

Kidding History

Below is noted Penelope’s historical kidding information for your reference.

2023: 2 doelings, 1 buckling


Nigerian Dwarf goat doe on a rock