Introducing Pineywoods Cattle to Lincoln, Nebraska

A historic tri-purpose breed that thrives being Grass Fed & Grass Finished.

What Are Pineywoods Cattle?

Pineywoods Cattle, a historic breed native to the southeastern United States, have long been valued for their versatility and resilience. As a tri-purpose breed, they play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture by providing meat, milk, and draft power. 

These cattle are well adapted to the southeastern pine forests and humid climate, making them an integral part of the region’s agricultural heritage. Their ability to thrive in diverse environments and their historical significance highlight the importance of preserving and promoting tri-purpose breeds like the Pineywoods Cattle in modern agricultural practices.

Pineywoods Cattle are known for their distinct physical attributes that contribute to their adaptability and resilience. Typically small to medium in size, these cattle exhibit a range of colors, including shades of red and black, and often display impressive horn spans. Their hardy build and efficient foraging abilities enable them to thrive in diverse environments, particularly in the southeastern pine forests and humid climates. This adaptability has made them well-suited for extensive grazing systems and has contributed to their historical significance in the region’s agricultural landscape.

At Penner Mini Farms we are excited to add Pineywoods to the farm and see how they adapt to the harsh winters and humid summers Nebraska can bring.

Our Favorite Characteristics:


Genetic Strength and Adaptability


Hardy & Low Maintenance


Calving Ease w/ Reproductive Vigor


Low Impact, Small Frame




Multi-Use: Beef, Oxen & Dairy

Pineywoods are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the United States.

The Livestock Conservancy

Pineywoods Cattle have been part of the rural American landscape for hundreds of years.

Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association


Pineywoods Cattle cow calf pair
black and white Pineywoods Cattle Knapp steer with short horns

Why we decided to raise Pineywoods Cattle

Lorraine and I have always wanted to raise cattle for beef on our little farm but the cattle have always been my dad’s thing until summer 2023.  With the extreme drought here in Nebraska my dad sold all of his Angus cattle with the hopes that Lorraine and I would get some cattle sometime soon.  

We definitely knew we did not want to start a new herd of cattle over winter so we had a little time to do some research and decide on the best cattle for our “mini” farm.  Our goal was to find a breed of cattle that is small and would do well on grass and forage alone.

We discovered the Pineywoods Cattle breed through another farmer in Alabama who raises American Blackbelly sheep and Pineywoods Cattle.  The more we researched and studied this breed and its history here in America we knew this was the right breed for our mini farm.  

We love that they will forage (similar to goats).  We love that they are smaller in size and will not be so hard on the land compared to the larger breeds like Angus.  However, since we have a focus on raising cattle for beef we wanted cattle that would not require grain to fatten up.  Pineywoods Cattle do very well on hay and grass.  They are grass fed and grass finished which is exactly what we wanted so that we can provide high quality grass fed beef to our customers.

Pineywoods Cattle are a threatened breed according to The Livestock Conservancy.  This breed has played an important role in the history of our country.  Pineywoods were used by some of the first colonists of America as well as the settlers as America grew westward.  Lorraine and I want to do our part to bring awareness of Pineywoods Cattle to Nebraska and to keep this amazing breed of cattle going for generations to come.  Penner Mini Farms is the first registered breeder of Pineywoods in Nebraska.

We started our small herd of Pineywoods Cattle February 2024 with 3 bred heifers and a 3 year old bred cow.  We purchased them from a breeder in Iowa who is also passionate about keeping the Pineywoods breed going and helping others get started raising them.  We are looking forward to providing high quality Pineywoods beef for our customers as well as doing our part to help provide awareness for the conservation of Pineywoods Cattle.

Meet Our Herd

The Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association est. 1999

Registered Breeders

We are proud to be the first registered Breeders of Pineywoods Cattle in Nebraska as of February 2024!

Check out the Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association at