Nigerian Dwarf Buck for Lease

Registered with the ADGA
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Interested in a Buck Lease Service?

If you are a small family or hobby goat farm and want to get stared raising mini goats (like we did!) you’ll quickly begin thinking about getting a buck as a herd sire.

However, as time progresses and you do some research, talk to others about bucks, or even try one out for size… you may realize that having a buck might not be a good fit for your farm – for any number of reasons!

Nigerian Dwarf buck lease service Lincoln NE

A Few Reasons Why You May Not Want To Own A Buck

Time Needed

You may only need a buck a couple months each year so the majority of the time they may just be an extra mouth to feed

They Can't Be Alone

You’ll have to have a wether as a companion for him outside of breeding season when he’s away from the girls

Not As Nice As Does

Bucks are generally not as friendly as does and/or you may not want to interact with them as much simply because…

Plus… Bucks are just plain ol’ unpleasant.  Most people really don’t like being around them very much!

Meet Bucky, Our Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

Bucky joined the Penner Mini Farms story when we decided to purchase a registered buck from one of our friends in Merna, NE.

Long story short, at 6 months old Bucky literally threw twins, twins, triples his first time breeding (September 2021), and then triplets, triplets, quads his 2nd time around (April 2022). 

That’s 17 kids in 2 tries (3 does each time). 

All of that to say – Bucky is a rock star. 

What’s unfortunate for us is that he’s the brother of 4 of our does that we are keeping for breeding, but since we still don’t want to part with him and have decided to continue using him for our LaManchas… we’ve also decided to use him for a buck leasing service.

So, if you’re wanting a proven buck to service your does without the hassle of owning one – check out the details of our Buck Leasing Service.

Registered ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goat
registered Nigerian Dwarf buck
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Proven Buck


  • Rent Bucky: $50 for 4 weeks (or $100 for 8 weeks)
  • Breeding Fee: $25 per doe (one time per lease, no matter the rental period length)
  • EX: If you lease Bucky for 4 weeks ($50) to service 3 does at your farm ($75), your total leasing fees are $125 (to be deducted from applicable deposit per Buck Lease Service Agreement below)
  • Please review our Buck Lease Service Agreement below for more information

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