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Have You Ever Tried Goat Milk Soap?

Our handmade Goat Milk Soaps are made with raw goats milk  from some of our favorite goats on the farm (these girls are SUPER spoiled!), in addition to other ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and shea butter to deep clean and moisturize your skin, as well as fight off acne, aging and inflammation.

Not sure if you’ll be a fan? 

Give one of our Mini bars a test drive… your skin will thank you!

coffee grounds goat milk soap

American Blackbelly Sheep

We love these sheep and our farm is a much better place with them here. 

The biggest thing we were looking for when we discovered Blackbelly’s is their low maintenance, easy to care for characteristics and the fact that they are extremely social (with each other as well as humans)

These sheep are beautiful, majestic and sweet… plus they are very playful and fun!

They truly do make our work as shepherds an easy, delightful and joyful job.

Dairy Goats

At Penner Mini Farms we have several breeds of goats that we know and love.

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • LaMancha Goats
  • Miniature LaMancha Goats

While we primarily selected these breeds as Dairy Goats, their characteristics and personalities are what ultimately won us over. 

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Farm Fresh Eggs

We offer Farm Fresh Eggs in Lincoln, Nebraska year round and like to keep our customers updated on how our ladies are doing, as well as sending flock updates every once in a while (including photos!).

Goat Milk Soap

Our Goat Milk Soap is safe for all skin types, especially and including sensitive skin.  It can be used daily as a hand and/or body wash – and even face wash if using The Simple Stuff (Fragrance Free)!

3 American Blackbelly sheep and one Nigerian Dwarf goat
Goat Milk Soap Lincoln Ne
Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid
multi colored farm fresh eggs lincoln ne
Nigerian Dwarf and Fainting Cross baby goats Lincoln

Jeffrey Penner

I grew up on a dairy farm when I was little in the dry sandy-soil land of SW Nebraska but my parents moved to Lincoln when I was still at a young age. 

I have always dreamed of farming but pursued a degree in Computer Science and have spent most of my life as a computer programmer and database administrator. 

I love being outside, in nature, listening to all of the sounds of the birds and insects and animals, feeling the breeze on my face and soaking up the warm sunshine.  Outside is where I feel alive and free.  I am an introvert so time alone in nature is where I recharge and refresh. 

I feel blessed to get to do the 2 things that I absolutely love each and every day of my life: computer programming and farming.    God has also blessed me with a beautiful, kind, and loving wife with whom I love spending every day of my life with.  My life journey is amazing with her by my side.

Lorraine Penner

I was born and raised in California but moved to Nebraska with my family while I was still in high school to the small town of David City.  Talk about a culture shock!  The high school I left in California had more people than all of David City!

But I’ve grown to love Nebraska (minus the humidity), and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I had ZERO experience with farm life until May 2020 when we started Penner Mini Farms so if you want the God’s honest truth about farm life – I’m your girl 😉 

Farming and caring for livestock is extremely rewarding, but not many people warn you in advance of how much WORK it is not only to be successful, but also to steward everything you’ve been given well (land, animals, family & time).  

None of us have unlimited resources, particularly in the time and attention categories, so we’re learning how to do much with the little that we have and are finding the joy in the little gifts we receive every day!