Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Sometimes big personalities come in small packages

What are Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

Nigerian Dwarf goats are miniature goats.  They are small, females average around 75 pounds fully grown, and they make great pets or companion animals. 

Nigerian Dwarfs make excellent dairy goats, producing milk that is high in butterfat and sweet tasting, due to their smaller frames and good milk production. 

Dwarf goats are gentle and lovable.  They are playful, spunky, and high-energy goats that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making for some beautiful goats to add to your farm or acreage.

Why we choose to raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats

When we established Penner Mini Farms, we decided to focus on miniature animals.  We just knew that we wanted to raise goats but which ones would be the right fit for our little farm?  We needed goats that would be able to thrive on a small amount of land and very little pasture.  We found that Nigerian Dwarf goats are highly adaptable and do extremely well in smaller pens and smaller farms. 

Penelope the Nigerian Dwarf goat kid at Penner Mini Farms
Jeffrey Penner with a goat on his back

However, what sealed the deal for us is that Nigerian Dwarf goats are extremely social animals.  Given the opportunity, Nigerian Dwarfs thrive on human interaction.  They will form bonds with their caregivers if their caregivers love them and spend time interacting with them.  Once that bond is formed these goats will eagerly pursue interaction with their human friends and even instigate affection with gentle nudges, lots of “talking”, and playful antics. 

My wife and I absolutely love all of our animals and it is a special thing when animals bond with us and love us back. 

These goats are energetic, friendly, social, and tiny little balls of love.  Whenever we come home they immediately start yelling for us to come see them and they run to the gate eagerly waiting for any interactions from us, which usually includes hugs, back scratches, ear scratches and some play-time.  The little ones always like to jump on our backs and into our laps.  When we are having a rough day all we need is about 5 minutes with our Nigerian Dwarfs and they brighten our days.

multi colored farm fresh eggs
Izzy the fancy Nigerian Dwarf Goat
3 American Blackbelly sheep and one Nigerian Dwarf goat
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