Baby Chicks & Laying Hens

From “just hatched” to laying eggs for your family.

Want To Have Your Own Farm Fresh Eggs?

One of the benefits of raising your own hens is that you can choose the breed that best suits your needs. Some breeds are known for their egg-laying abilities, while others are better suited for meat production. We choose all of our baby chicks based on egg production, so you can be confident in their future laying ability.

Whether you’re looking for sweet little baby chicks to raise with your family, hens that are already laying eggs, (…or anywhere in between!), we have what you are looking for!

Under 1 week old – $3 

These are straight run baby chicks that are under 1 week old.  Since they are “straight run”, they can be either male or female as they are generally too young to confirm.

1 week to 4 weeks old – $5 

Baby chicks have a higher chance to live once they reach 1 week old as occasionally you see complications before then.  Once they’re past 1 week old, they are generally guaranteed to grow into happy and healthy chicks.

1 Month to 5(ish) months – $10

These chicks no longer have to be supplemented with heat lamps (since they are fully feathered) and are now able to regulate their temperatures on their own.  However, they are not quite at laying age so do not produce eggs yet.

Laying Age – $20

These hens are new layers so they might start out with smaller eggs every couple of days but over time they will grow into large eggs, almost daily!

On average, hens begin to lay eggs anywhere between 4-6 months old and continue to lay eggs for over 5 years. However, their peak egg production is during their first 2 years.  So although you may notice a slowing down of egg laying around that 2 year mark, happy and healthy chickens will still produce for your family for years to come.

baby chick in hand
baby chicks in grass

Fertilized Eggs for Hatching $1/egg

Don’t have a rooser yourself but want to hatch your own baby chicks? Maybe you just got an incubator and want to hatch your own flock?  Starting in Spring 2024 we will be offering fertilized hatching eggs for $1/egg (minimum 6).

If you have questions, please reach out at the bottom of this page.

Our Favorite Brown and White Egg Layers

Why we love ISA Brown Hens

On average, an ISA Brown hen lays an impressive 6 eggs per week, which translates to approximately 300 eggs per yearThese hardworking ladies consistently provide large brown eggs, making them one of the best egg layers available. So, if you’re looking for a reliable source of fresh eggs, Isa Browns are definitely cluck-worthy additions to your flock!

ISA Brown hen
Why we love California White Hens

California White hens, known for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, are true superstars in the poultry world! These lovely ladies consistently produce approximately 300 large white eggs per year. Their productivity extends for around three years, making them reliable contributors to your breakfast table. If you’re looking for a dependable source of fresh eggs, California Whites are definitely a cluck-worthy addition to your backyard flock!

California White Hens
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wyandotte chick
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