Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck


DOB: 04/30/21 (triplet)

Registered ADGA # PD2268560

Registered AGS # D-112402

Minis N Friends Bucky

Bucky is a buckskin with moon spots

Bucky is our rock star Buck who’s been sire-ing (?) kids at Penner Mini Farms since Setpember/October 2021.

Much of our herd is related to Bucky; 4 of our does (including his litter-mate Cookie), have the same sire, he sired our first Mini Manchas Honey & Maple, and he’s also the sire of several of our favorite wethers that we’ve retained (Aragorn, Stark, & Vision).

He throws great kids (and plenty of them!), and even though he’s related to many of our does that we can’t use him with, we’ve decided to keep him on to cover some of our non-related does, and also to provide Buck Lease Services for other goat owners around Lincoln & beyond!

Nigerian Dwarf buck lease service Lincoln NE

Kidding History

Bucky was proven within 5 minutes of setting his little hooves down at the farm.  See below for his kidding history at Penner Mini Farms.

2022: Bettie (twins), Frannie (twins: retained Aragorn), Dusty (triplets)

2023: Daisy (twins: retained Honey & Maple), Esther (single), Bettie (triplets), Frannie (triplets: retained Vision), Dusty (quads: retained Stark)

dark chocolate swiss Nigerian Dwarf Buck Lincoln Nebraska
Nigerian Dwarf buck lease service Lincoln NE