Percy x Sweet Pea

Triplet Nigerian Dwarf goat kids
Momma Sweet Pea with triplet kids in a small birthing pen with clean straw bedding

Triplet Nigerian Dwarf Kids

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, Momma Sweet Pea welcomed a cute set of triplets to Penner Mini Farms.

Two look very similar to her with the cream color (1M/1F), and the dark brown male looks more like Percy.

DOB: 4/6/24



Juno is a “little cutie”.

When looking at her next to her bro Raliegh (who’s got similar coloring) you can tell where we get the “little” part.

Raleigh (wether)


Raleigh and Juno both look similark, but Raleigh looks more true to his momma Sweet Pea because of he has more white.

He loves snuggles, naps, and hanging out with his friends.

DON'T CLICK HERE (unless you wanna see a super cute video of Raleigh waking up).

Quincy (wether)


"One of these things is not like the other!"

Quincy has more of the dark chocolate with light swiss look, rather than mostly cream with some white.

He started out very shy and evasive with the camera, but these last few days he's definitely come around!

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