LaMancha Doe: Daisy

DOB: 03/03/21

Registered ADGA # GL2260094


Daisy is a Registered LaMancha doe with black with a large white band around her back and belly, with random white on her legs

We welcomed Daisy (AKA “Conflict”) to our farm on 3/27/22.  We were warned that she may be nice, but would likely never be so comfortable to want to eat out of our hands… turns out this girl really responded to our style of love and affection so she is one of the most loving and ornery girls here on the farm these days!!

In her early days, Daisy was the only goat to successfully escape her pen (our oversight – we didn’t think it was possible for a goat that large to crawl down so small…) but thanks to her, we have been able to keep everyone safe from predators and/or roaming the countryside.

She is the proud momma of our Mini Manchas: Maple & Honey

big girl Merci LaMancha in the snow

Kidding History

Below is noted Daisy’s historical kidding information for your reference.

2023: twin Mini Manchas (2F)

registered lamancha doe