Percy x Cookie

Quad Nigerian Dwarf Does
Cookie with her 4 baby goats

Quad Nigerian Dwarf Does

On a late night near the end of March 2024, Momma Cookie welcomed 4 beautiful and healthy bouncing baby goats to the world.

They are all varying shades of dark brown/black, but each wonderfully spunky and happy!

DOB: 3/26/24



Frosty is the largest of Cookie’s quads.

She is also the sweetest and LOVES snuggles!

She is black with some large white roaning spots, and moon spots all around, with slight frosted ears.



Cupcake is the next largest of Cookie's quads and she is all about jumping on high places - particularly if it's your back!

She is jet black (compared to her sisters) with some white on her forehead, minimal white on her body and frosted ears.



Snowball is about the average size baby goat of the litter.  Not too big, but not too small either!

She's a lighter shade of black with some white on her head and under belly, with a whiteish hue to her top coat as well.

Snowball was the first to officially jump on our backs while we were in the pen squatting down to feed Little Debbie, so she’s a scrappy one and always gets right back up after falling down!

Little Debbie


Little Debbie was born the smallest and has to share her mommas milk with 3 other larger sisters, so we decided to supplement with milk that we have been taking from one of our LaManchas (who’s twins are not quite able to keep up with her ferocious milk supply yet!).

So although Little Debbie is not QUITE a true bottle baby, we have been able to spend some extra special time 3-4 times a day feeding her some milk to help her get big and strong.

Goats For Sale

If you'd like to add a couple goats to your farm, we'd love to have a chat or invite you over to meet the kids!

First time goat owner and have some questions?  We try to collect our most popular questions to our FAQ page, so check it out below!

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