DOB: 04/30/21 (triplet)

Registered ADGA # PD2203852

Registered AGS # D-106294

Minis N Friends Cookie

Cookie is a buckskin doe with random white, roaning & moonspots

Cookie is the perfect combination of shy and sweet 🍪. She is our little Cookie “Dough”…I mean Doe. 🤣 She is always standing nearby when we enter the pen just watching us and waiting for a warm invitation to get some cuddles. She is definitely one of those rare goats who would rather be nice than causing trouble. 😃

Cookie with her 4 baby goats

Kidding History

Below is noted Cookie’s historical kidding information for your reference.

2023: Triplets (1M, 2F)

2024: Quads (4F)

Nigerian Dwarf goat doe on a rock