The good, the bad and the ugly

miniature horse baby

Written by Lo Penner

Standing beside my sweet Jeffrey as we are seeking to live out the Psalm 23 life - a life of complete satisfaction and contentment under the constant care of Jesus as our Shepherd.

When you’re at the farm everyday, you learn to take the good with the bad.

The good:

We found a wonderful family to give Sandie a forever home!

The bad:

We found a wonderful family to give Sandie a forever home 🙁

The ugly:

Welcome to December on the farm, where the water starts freezing, the chickens head inside before it’s dark, and the donkey is never quiet.

miniature horse baby

Life on the farm is a unique experience on the daily.

Sometimes (almost) everything goes right; most of the time there are a few things that go terribly wrong; and even still, there’s no place we would rather be.

This fall has been rough for us on the farm.

In early October we lost Sol (our white miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep) to a bad respiratory issue.  That was a tough loss for us since she was our first loss, although we all know that it’s not going to be the last time we lose someone, and it’s not going to get any easier to deal with.

I’m considering starting a rainbow page to help us all remember those we lost.

In November, just about every single goat got sick, then got better, then some got sick again. 

Apparently it’s pretty typical with spring born goats heading into their first winter that they will experience some issues at the turn of the seasons, and that means they will most likely get sick.

It was really really scary for a while… our beloved Cookie (one of the 3 amigas) took a turn for the worst and we were so close to losing her. 

Thankfully, she is 97% to a full recovery, so we have A LOT to be thankful for <3

We currently have 1 other goat that is still struggling.  Frenchie was the runt of her litter (we believe) and was possibly weaned too early and she now is struggling with keeping weight on, on top of other issues.

If you’ve got time to think and pray for us on the farm, be thinking and praying for both Cookie and Frenchie to make full recoveries so that they can have many many many years of fun and family here on the farm.

Be sure to stay tuned and we will keep you posted on how our girls are doing!

We purchased our Southdown Babydoll ewes Luna (black) and Sol (white) from our friend Tracy at Minis ‘N Friends in Merna, NE

We miss you Sol ❤  

Luna is still as sweet and joyful as ever!

Sol our white southdown babydoll lamb


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