Willard x Astra

Twin Nigerian Dwarf kids
Black and White Nigerian Dwarf momma and babies cuddling

Twin Nigerian Dwarf Kids

On a Saturday afternoon in late March 2024, new Momma Astra welcomed 2 beautiful and healthy bouncing baby goats to the world.

One male and one female.

And they love to cuddle as a family!

DOB: 3/30/24



Charlotte is a gorgeous gray with white poll, minimal white and slightly frosed nose.

She is such a gentle girl who loves to play, never turns down a cuddle, and loves to zoom zoom.

We are excited about the changes that she will bring to the farm in the years to come!

Memphis (buck)


Memphis is almost a carbon copy of his momma!  He's black and white with blue eyes, but he's got his daddy's wattles.

He is a sweet and shy little guy, but still likes to play and occasionally asks for cuddles when he's feeling social.

He will remain intact because he will have great babies for you!


Goats For Sale

If you'd like to add a couple goats to your farm, we'd love to have a chat or invite you over to meet the kids!

First time goat owner and have some questions?  We try to collect our most popular questions to our FAQ page, so check it out below!


Wattles FAQ

What exactly are goat wattles?

Goat wattles are those funky, hair-covered appendages hanging from the necks of some goats. Think of them as nature's little ornaments! They can appear as one or a pair and are typically found on the throat area. Despite their distinctive look, wattles don't serve a specific purpose—they're just super cute (well, to most of us!).

Are wattles common in all goats?

No, not every goat gets wattles; it's a toss-up! Wattles are a genetic trait, so whether or not a goat has them depends on if their parents had them. It's more like a quirky feature that some goats inherit and others don't.  

EX: Willard had wattles, and with Astra - Memphis got wattles but Charlotte did not.  However, with Daisy both Paris and Phoenix got wattles.

Do wattles serve any function for goats?

Nope, wattles are all for show! While they might grab your attention, they don’t benefit the goats in any practical way and are purely cosmetic. 

Can goats with wattles breed more wattled goats?

Yes, since wattles are genetic, goats with wattles may pass this trait to their offspring. However, it's not a guaranteed pass-down trait—genetics can be pretty random!

Are there any risks associated with wattles in goats?

For the most part, wattles aren't troublesome. However, they can sometimes get caught on things like fences or bushes, which can be a bit of a nuisance or, rarely, lead to injury.

Some very cautious goat owners prefer to keep an eye on their wattled goats to prevent such situations.

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