Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck


DOB: 04/5/21 

Registered ADGA # PD2202620


Dark with minimal white, frosted ears, wattles, white poll & face

Meet The Waddle (Willard) Wilson 😆

We just picked him up last December so here are a few things about him:

  • he is very quiet! 🤫 (which is great for a buck!)
  • he has WATTLES! 😍 (and has thrown some babies with wattles – one of which we retained #Opal!)
  • we decided to keep his registered name but add “Willard” for a middle name as an ode to one of our favorite teachers of Apprenticeship to Jesus – Dallas Willard.
Nigerian Dwarf buck lease service Lincoln NE

Kidding History


2023: Dusty (triplets: retained Opal)

2024: Daisy (TBD), Astra (TBD)